Slow Release Fertilizer - Your New Best Friend.

Slow Release Fertilizer - Your New Best Friend.

Gardening is something that takes a lot of time - which ever way you look at it. It is becoming much more popular now a days with the rise of fruit and vegetable prices in the grocery store. PLUS - it never hurts to get your hands dirty and be productive outside to get some fresh air!

However, all that being said - If you are a regular human, you are busy. You likely have a full time job, a significant other, kiddos to keep alive, a dog to walk, etc. Which, is why everything else needs to be simplified and stream lined as possible. On the fertilizing your garden front? We have you covered. 

Slow release fertilizer is your saving grace - and lucky for you? My llamas make a whole lot of it!

Slow release fertilizer is a form of fertilizer that slowly breaks down in the soil over time to ensure that nutrients leach out as the growing plant needs them.

We, happen to have 2 forms of this magical goodness for your plants:

1) Llama Beans - Llama beans are fantastic for house plants. They are able to be put into your potted plants, covered with a little bit of soil and forget about them. Literally, just forget about them. As you water your plants, the beans will break down and leach nutrients into the soil.

2) Mixable - Our Mixable fertilizer is broken down llama beans that you can mix right into your soil. This stuff is awesome for raised beds, gardens, or container gardening. However, this product has a bit of an odor, so don't be alarmed. This stuff is fantastic for if you are transplanting seedlings, starting seeds or using it as a top dress.

Both of these products are an awesome source of nutrients for your plants and have the added benefit of a " use and forget " stand point.

Happy Gardening Friends! 

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