Meet the Crew


This is Penny, she is the oldest of our llamas. She was a rescue from Alberta and not a lot is known about her other than she is an absolute sweet heart. She has the creamiest color fibre and subtly bosses everyone around in her matriarch way. She has one daughter in our herd, Blaze, who takes after her mom in several ways. 

This is Blaze, who was not an intentional purchase. I went to go look at Penny when Blaze came around the side of the barn. She walked right up to me, stuck her nose in my face. I knew right then and there, I was buying more than one llama. She's the tallest of the crew and is so gorgeous it hurts. I love her fleece, her personality and can't wait to see what kind of Mom she will be. 

This is Pepper, who was also not an intentional purpose. When I first went to go meet Penny, Pepper and her son (who you will meet shortly) were also there but spoken for. She is absolutely stunning - her spots are the warmest brown you can possibly imagine. When I went back to pick up Penny and Blaze, Blaze wouldn't get on the trailer. I was offered Pepper as the sale had fallen through on her - so home I came with her and Jim (who am I to break up a family?!). I can tell you one thing though - if you are going to get spit on, it'll be by Pepper. She's packing one heck of a spit cannon!

This is Spice, the first cria (baby llama) that was born on our farm! I walked out to the barn one morning and found her curled up in a little ball on the stall floor just looking at me. I lost my mind. I started screaming, crying, shaking and ran back up to the house hyperventilating. Often called "Spicearoni" she is a soft brown with dark points and small little patched of white in the weirdest places. She is growing like a bad weed and loves to torment the older ladies in the herd. 

This is Jim, a local favourite. Everyone who comes to the farm absolutely adores him - how could you not? Look at him. He is Pepper's son and the mischievous one out of the bunch. He loves to sneak up, sniff the back of your head and bounce away. He is most often found with his best friend Larry chasing sheep and sniffing the barn cats.

This is Lasagna (aka Lizzy). Lizzy's Moms name is Penne and her Dad is Macaroni, so she was named Lasagna to go with the theme! She is distantly related to Penny and Blaze - and is a welcome addition to the herd. She is cute as a button and beyond sweet. Her best friend is Lopey and they can usually be found attached at the hip in the field. 

This is Larry. Larry, is 100% personality. There's not much more to say about him other than he is the class clown, Jim's best friend and always in your face. He enjoys humans immensely and wants to be everyones friend.


This is Sparkie. He is one of the new boys who moved down from Ontario earlier this spring. He is one very handsome fella and rather quiet. He likes to watch everything from a far and formulate if he wants to take part rather than coming right over and shoving his nose into the situation. His fibre is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what his future babies will look like!

This is Expo, who is another boy who moved down from Ontario earlier this spring. More often than not when I walk into the barn Expo has his nose sticking out over his door looking for a kiss. Lets be serious - do you think I could say no to this stunning boy? He has a warm spot in my heart and is beyond precious.

Val is the third and final boy who moved down from Ontario this spring. He was injured at birth so his back is not as straight as a breeder would like - but that's okay! We love him to bits anyway with his delightful floof, perfect poops and beyond adorable ears.

Penelope "aka Lopey" is the llama that started it all. She was the first llama on the farm - and next thing you know we had a whole herd. She is very stand offish and only likes her select people. The first day that I got her to take a treat from my hand was just like Christmas - Im pretty sure everyone in the area heard me scream. 

Last but not least - we have Karen. Karen, is not a llama. Even though she thinks she's some sort of feral ferocious four legged camelid - she is not. Karen is an alpaca. Karen is the smallest of all the llama crew - bigger only than the sheep. This doesn't stop her though - have no fear. She chases the dogs out of the field, bosses the llamas around and doesn't take no for an answer. 

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