About Us

This all started with one single llama. Just one. Then It blew up into something so much more.

I have always wanted llamas, for as long as I can remember. If you go back far enough into the archives of Facebook I'm pretty sure there is still a post with my joking about walking into the yard with one on a lead line. Turns out I didn't walk in the first one, but I have wrangled a few who have escaped onto my neighbours lawn. 

One of my first two original llamas (I promptly went back and got a second llama after the first landed) started showing signs of being ill. I rationalized to myself that by the time I found one to keep the first company incase something happened to its buddy - it could be months before I found one. 

Turns out, llama math, is much like chicken math. I went to look at "a llama" and ended up speaking for 3. When the time came to take them home? I ended up coming home with 4. Before the end of the year - 2 more had landed. 2 of these freshly procured llamas - ended up being pregnant. So, you can see how this literally " blew up " into a llamagedon if you will. I wouldn't change it for the world.

We currently have a herd of 11 llamas, 1 alpaca and 12 sheep. I wouldn't change any of it for all the tea in China, or if you want to be crazy - all the llamas in Peru.

Let's Talk Sustainability

Welcome to our exciting section about sustainable gardening with a unique twist – llama fertilizer!

In this engaging educational journey, we will explore how harnessing the power of llama manure can revolutionize the way we garden, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Llama fertilizer is not only a fantastic source of organic nutrients for your plants but also an environmentally responsible choice that reduces waste and benefits your garden in remarkable ways.

Get ready for your students to embark on an enlightening adventure into the world of sustainable gardening with our furry friends and their nutrient-rich contributions.

Let's dive in and discover how we can nurture our gardens while protecting the planet!