“ I have been trying out this product from Maple River Farm these past few weeks. It’s “bean” such a cool take on natural and sustainable garden fertilizer. My plants are loving it! I can defiantly notice the growth difference between the garden plants I’ve used this product on and the ones I haven’t. Highly Recommend! “
- Sherise Pettipas

“ Fert n fibre . First off, I know nothing about growing plants. I've killed a few over the years. Over a year ago I was given 2 plants in jars of water. I had to put them in soil and I managed to keep them alive for a year. Then my niece gave me an avocado seedling type thing. It too was in water and I had to plant it. It was 2 stems, one seemed to die and lost all its leaves. Looked sad. THEN, I was introduced to Llama poo. I was told about its richness.. So, I ordered some on line. I followed the instructions it came with and used it on my plants. BOOM! My plants became so green and looked so much more alive. The dead stem on the avocado plant has since spouted 7 new leaves. This stuff is amazing!. I wish I had before and after pictures to show the incredible difference its made. I will be getting more of this llama poo tea soon. It has blown this un green thumb away. “
- Kevin Haley

 "I was lucky enough to sample Maple River Farms Bean Tea and loved the ease of using the “bag of beans”! What a great product. It was recommended for indoor plants but tried it over the summer and gave it to my outdoor planters as well as my indoor plants. I was pleasantly surprised how fast I saw noticeable results with full bushy healthy plants outdoors and the indoor plants having fresh and vigorous growth. The bag lasted forever. Also happy to be using natural local alternatives to chemical fertilizers to make my plants flourish. I would gladly use this product again! "
- Lindsay Brown

" So happy with my purchase! Sam is so kind, and she cares deeply about the quality of the products so you always have top quality beans and broken down manure! I can’t say enough good things about it, I’m so excited to see how my garden improves! "
- Laura Tekle

Purchased some llama fertilizer from Sam and mixed it into the soil around my flowers.  My flowers have grown and spread so much I can hardly believe it. Great clean product and customer service is second none!  I highly recommend checking her products out!
-  Janet Geldart

Great information and great customer service! I just sprinkled beans throughout my beds. Cant wait to see how they do! Im also putting them with my cannabis plants. Will be in touch throughout the season 
- Georgia Peach

" Product is very clean, and awesome customer service.  Definitely worth buying the llama manure for fertilizer."
 - Chris Lawrence

" My indoor plants were happy with their llama beans when I worked them into the soil!  Looking forward to the summer outdoor growing season as well.  What a great idea!! "
- Pam MacIntosh

Let's Talk Sustainability

Welcome to our exciting section about sustainable gardening with a unique twist – llama fertilizer!

In this engaging educational journey, we will explore how harnessing the power of llama manure can revolutionize the way we garden, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Llama fertilizer is not only a fantastic source of organic nutrients for your plants but also an environmentally responsible choice that reduces waste and benefits your garden in remarkable ways.

Get ready for your students to embark on an enlightening adventure into the world of sustainable gardening with our furry friends and their nutrient-rich contributions.

Let's dive in and discover how we can nurture our gardens while protecting the planet!