What do you mean ... your $h*t doesn't stink?

What do you mean ... your $h*t doesn't stink?

So, you want to fertilize your indoor plants with natural fertilizer -  but you don't want the smell?

We got you covered. 

Alot of natural fertilizers do have a bit of a natural "hum, whiff, aroma, stench" if you will. This, is based primarily on how it's produced. In one end and out the other of the critter that produced it. What they eat and how they digest it is big component of the nutrient levels it contains and the smell it emits. 

However, for some mythical, magical reason - llama manure doesn't stink. Seriously. The beans in the tea bags and the packages have very little to no odor. Sure, they have a bit of a smell, but it's more like a light soil smell. Yes, the mixable manure is a different story - but that isn't exactly ment for use in the house. 

We also try to be as eco - conscious as possible. Our packaging and tea bags are completely bio degradable. What bedding we clean out of the beans we try and reuse in the stalls - if it is reusable. Most of the waste from the stalls that is cleaned out is used back on the hay fields as fertilizer.
It all comes full circle! 

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