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Education Kit

Education Kit

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Introducing the Maple River Farm Education Kit — where gardening meets llama magic!

Are you ready to witness the incredible impact of llama-powered growth in your garden? We've packed this kit with everything you need to conduct a fun and educational experiment that showcases the power of llama bean fertilizer.

What's Inside:

  • Llama Bean Fertilizer: Our eco-conscious, odour free, slow-release llama bean fertilizer, lovingly crafted by our llama crew, packed with essential nutrients for your plants. It's the secret to vibrant, lush growth.

  • Premium Seeds: A selection of high-quality seeds to plant in your chosen area. From colorful flowers to delicious veggies, we've handpicked a variety to suit your gardening preferences.

How to Use:

  1. Start by choosing the perfect spot in your classroom for your experiment. Prepare two pots full of soil, mark one for the plants with llama fertilizer and the other for those without.

  2. Plant the seeds from our kit as per the included instructions. Follow the guidance, using llama bean fertilizer for one set of plants and standard soil for the other.

  3. Watch and Wait: Over the coming weeks, observe the growth progress of your plants. You'll soon notice the incredible differences between the two groups.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Educational: It's a fantastic way to teach kids about the natural benefits of llama fertilizer in a hands-on, exciting way.

  • Sustainable: Our llama bean fertilizer is eco-conscious and reduces waste while enriching your garden.

  • Proven Results: Experience the magic of llama-enhanced growth and enjoy the rewards of a greener, healthier garden.

At Maple River Farm, we're all about blending nature and nurture. This experiment kit is a window into the incredible world of llama-powered gardening. Get ready to see your garden thrive like never before!

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