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Handspun Yarn - BFL Hand Dyed

Handspun Yarn - BFL Hand Dyed

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This exquisite yarn is born from the regal fibers of Blue Faced Leicester sheep, known for their softness and natural sheen. As your fingers dance with each strand, feel the gentle caress of the fleece and the elegance of a yarn that echoes the sophistication of our Maple River Farm.

Dipped in the enchanting tones of deep blues, rich burgundies, and royal purples, this yarn is a journey into the heart of twilight. Imagine the sky at dusk, where the last hints of daylight blend with the emerging stars – that's the magic encapsulated in every inch of our Azure Twilight Yarn.

Craft with this yarn, and you're not just creating; you're painting with a palette inspired by the serene beauty of our farm. Knit or crochet scarves, shawls, or blankets, and envelop yourself in the tranquility of twilight. The Blue Faced Leicester fibers add a touch of sophistication, while the hand-dyed shades bring a sense of artistry to your projects.

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