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Llama Bean Manure Fertilizer (50g)

Llama Bean Manure Fertilizer (50g)

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Maple River Farm's Llama Fertilizer, gardening becomes a breeze. Simply place the llama manure beans, watch them work their magic, and enjoy the fruits of your lush and eco-conscious garden. Get ready to be the envy of all your gardening friends with your thriving, sustainable plants!

Product Directions:
  1. Remove llama manure beans from bag: Open the bag of llama fertilizer and take out the llama manure beans. These little nutrient-packed beans are the key to nourishing your plants naturally.

  2. Place in soil around the base of the plant: Take the llama manure beans and distribute them evenly around the base of your plants. Gently push them into the soil and cover lightly with a thin layer of soil. This will ensure the nutrients are delivered right where your plants need them most.

  3. Check weekly for remaining beans: As you water your plants regularly, the llama manure beans will begin to break down naturally. This slow-release process allows the nutrients to leach into the soil, providing a consistent and sustainable supply of nourishment to your plants. Keep an eye on the remaining beans in the soil and add more as needed to maintain the optimal nutrient levels.

Recommended usage: For best results, use approximately 1/4th of a 50g package of llama fertilizer per 1 liter of soil. This dosage ensures a balanced and controlled release of nutrients, promoting healthy and vibrant plant growth.


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