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Reindeer Kit

Reindeer Kit

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Back for another year - our Reindeer Kits! – 🎅🦙

In this enchanting kit, discover 50g premium rabbit food,  specially curated to double as enchanting "Reindeer Food." Scatter this delectable treat on your lawn, creating a glittering trail to guide Santa's reindeer to your home.

Also included is 50g of our finest llama manure beans, carefully crafted for a touch of festive flair. Sprinkle these magical beans on your lawn on Christmas Eve (after the kiddos are in bed), and watch as they transform into Santa's very own "reindeer poop." It's a playful and eco-friendly way to add a dash of merriment to your outdoor spaces. It also is a fantastic way to ensure you have "proof" that Santa is INDEED REAL!

Complete with a festive poem to engage your kiddos - this kit is a delightful tradition that adds a sprinkle of farm charm to your Christmas festivities.

Crafted with care and a hint of Maple River Farm enchantment, our Reindeer Kit is designed for families who embrace the magic of the season. Join us in spreading joy, laughter, and a touch of farm whimsy this Christmas Eve. 🎄🌟✨ #ReindeerKit #FestiveMagic #SpitHappens

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