Collection: Llama Plant Fertilizer

Introducing the Llama Fertilizer Extravaganza from Maple River Farm! We offer not one, not two, but THREE premium forms of llama fertilizer, lovingly sourced from our very own llama herd.

  1. Llama Bean Tea Fertilizer: A delightful elixir for your plants' taste buds! This liquid gold is available for easy purchase online, ready to revitalize your garden with a nutrient-rich feast.

  2. Llama Manure Beans: These little nuggets of goodness pack a powerful punch! Easily incorporated into your soil, they infuse it with the finest nutrients, setting the stage for a lush and vibrant garden.

  3. Broken Down Manure: Our special recipe for success! This refined and nutrient-dense manure is carefully processed over time, ensuring it's primed to nourish your plants to their fullest potential.

For broken down manure, simply contact us to discuss sizes and shipping options. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, our Llama Fertilizer Extravaganza is here to take your gardening journey to a whole new level. Unleash the power of llama magic and witness your garden bloom like never before.